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Fellow Travelers,

We've had quite a few (that is a few thousand) new people join our merry group in the past month, so I would like to offer a hearty welcome to them. It is a tradition of the road that fellow travelers greet each other with a wave when they pass, so this is my "wave" to our new RoadSave members. Welcome to the group, and when you meet your RoadSave members out on the open highway, be sure to say hello!

Now for some news: I would like to tell you more about the upgrades we've made to the RoadSave service. We've added some more benefit to our signature roadside assistance service, so you can be extra confident out on the road when you are a Roadsave member.

Also we update our discounts each week, so please check the site often to make sure you are getting the very most from your membership. The deals can be pretty spectacular, particularly on the off season, but they also can go pretty fast, so please check in on the site before you plan your trip. You can really save a lot.

So again, please say hello to fellow RoadSave members when you see them out there on the road, whether in the US. There sure are a lot more of us these days!

- Andy

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